ALANDA is committed to devoting ourselves to the mission of “more convenient water usage”. We focus on research and development of household water usage, to ensure convenient, safe and environment-friendly water usage. 
During 8 years' research and development in China, ALANDA LIFTS Series Sewage Lift Station has been used widely and successfully in numerous families, hotels, markets, clubs, bars and etc. During the 2010 Shanghai World EXPO, it was used in multiple pavilions, such as Danish Pavilion, Australia Pavilion etc. 
It is designed specially for sewage lifting, treatment and development, suitable for noncorrosive waste water, such as reclaimed water, fecal sewage, rainwater when gravity drainage could not be relied on. It can be used for family occasions, such as residential house, villas. It also can be used in public places, such as club house, hotel, KTV, bars, supermarkets, libraries, factories, etc. 
No matter where you are, ALANDA devote oneself to provide the most advanced water treatment products, service and satisfied solution. With our professional create green, environmental, energy-saving, comfortable life for people around the world. It is our promise. 
The main competitive advantage and the source: 
Products: ALANDA’s all product is energy-saving and environmental products. We introduced advanced foreign flow technology, production line and advanced test equipment. Before leave factory, all product go through rigorous enterprise standard test, furthermore, we own the third party test report, domestic factory certification. All products pass the environmental protection certification from UK SERA, ISO certification and Health Management System. 
Service : ALANDA has more than 20 service agencies all over the country, all the user can enjoy the responsive service of 24 hours, and all customers, who are interested in our products, can call our Pre-sale technical number to consult about the product and systematic solutions.
Our European distributor is Obereen Arz.
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