ECP Intelligent pump controller

ECP Intelligent pump controller

The intelligent pump controller, specially designed for sewage lift system, could protect the system, and perfectly coordinate the running curves of the system and pump.

Support Duty and Standby Pump System

■ Auto/ Manual Running

■ Single phase/220V,Three Phase/380V

■ Display Real-time Voltage And Running Current

■ Indicator Light

Red LED: Power On

Red LED: Running

Red LED: Pump Over-load, No-load Fault

Red LED: Over-voltage Fault

Red LED: Phase Sequence Fault

Red LED: Phase Lack Alarm

■ Liquid level Indicator, High Level Alarm

■ One Button Overload Current Setting

■ One Button Dry Transfer(No Load) Current Setting

■ Low Voltage And Over-voltage Protection

■ Current Overload Protection, Blocking Protection

■ Dry Transfer(no-load) Protection

■ Cable Phase Sequence Protection(three phrase)

■ Phrase Lack Protection(three phrase)

■ Current Unbalance Protection

■ 72 hours Routine Inspection Function(adjustable)

■ Sound-light Alarm

■ Remote Alarm BA relay port

■ Remote Communication RS485 Connector

■ Historical Faults Records Available

■ Protection Level of IP54

■ PLC Firmware Upgrading on-board Available