Product Overview
People meet difficulties when adding toilets and hand basins, which are not pre-designed, to households, offices,markets and ect. LIFTS.050 helps solve the problem and make adding toilets in drainless area viable. In this way, people don’t have to revise their original building design. The lift station is applied to move toilet sewage, liquid discharged from shower, hand basin and washing machine, and pumps Ito the main discharge system.
LIFTS.050 Sewage Lift Station is the upgraded generation of LIFTMini.It can be installed not only behind the closestool, but also under the ground.
LIFTS.050 Sewage Lift Station is directly linked to closestool of 6L or 9L.In addition, one shower, one hand basin and one bidet can also be linked together in a single room.
When LIFTS.050 is applied, wastewater could be drained fast without blocking and producing no odour and methane.
LIFTS.050 runs automatically through the whole process. As soon as water enters and reaches the priming level, the machine starts to work.
LIFTS.050 reaches the protective level of IP68 and can be set on places that may be submerged.
Technical Parameters
LIFTS.050 Sewage Lift Station has high effective grinder pump and can be used in most conditions :Rated power : 750WRated power supply : 1~ 220V/50HzMedium temperature : 1 ℃ to 60℃Sound level: 48dB(A)
Performance Curves
Flexible Connection of Water Inlet and Outlet Four Water Inlets : one toilet inlet (Ø100), one hand basin inlet (Ø40), one shower inlet (Ø40), one washing machine inlet (Ø40). One water outlet sewage outlet (Ø40) One air vent (According to the standard of DIN EN10256, the air hole (Ø40) must be connected and air pipe must higher than the house roof.
Product Features
  • Easy connection
  • Soundless running
  • Multiple inlets on tank
  • Independent air vent
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosive tank
  • No odour(or use activated charcoal)
  • Cutting System
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosive tank
  • Single-phase 220V power supply

Dimension (mm)