Product Overview
LIFTS.180 is a particular sewage system for single-family house, to combine collecting storing and, lifting as an integral.LIFTS.180 Sewage Lift Station collects the liquid from toilet, shower, hand basin, as well as the condensate water from air-conditioner, then pumps them to the main sewage treatment system, with well connected pump and related pipeline, the control unit ready for normal work. It is easy to install and maintain the lift station. It can be set in sewage pool, on the ground, or wall.LIFTS.180 uses anti-corrosive PE as tank material and cooperates with flexible rubber joints and seals, to realize perfect sealing performance and duration.LIFTS.180 reaches the protective level of IP68 and can be set on places that may be submerged.But the ECP smart controller must be used under good air conditions that never be submerged.
Product Features
  • Pre-assembled system
  • Wide application
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosive tank
  • Perfect sealing, without peculiar smell
  • Multiple water inlets for easy connection
  • Coupling device for convenient maintenance
  • Simple installation, modularized design
  • Easy connection, multiple water inlets
  • Having a ball type check valve
  • Patented design of grinding system
  • Remote and smart controller, sound-light alarm system
  • Cutting System
  • Sound-Light alarm
  • Soundless running
  • Single-phase 220V power supply or three-phase 380V power supply

Technical Parameters
LIFTS.180 Sewage Lift Station has high effective grinder pump and can be used in most conditions :Max head : 27,0mMax flow : 21 m³/HRated power : 2200WRated power supply : 1~ 220V/50Hz or 3~ 380V/50HzMedium temperature : 1℃-60℃
Performance Curves
Flexible Connection of Water Inlet and Outlet Four Water Inlets : one toilet inlet(Ø100), one hand basin inlet(Ø40), one shower inlet(Ø40), one washing machine inlet(Ø40). One water outlet sewage outlet(Ø40) One air vent (According to the standard of DIN EN10256, the air hole(Ø40) must be connected, and air pipe must higher than the house roof.

Dimension (mm)